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The website states that the company has been in business since 2012. Its home page indicates that it is focused on graduate level research and writing, specifically theses and dissertations – writing, editing, and proofreading. It is therefore easy to think that only graduate students are served and only when they are writing their culminating projects. This is not the case, however. Once a customer gets to the order page, it becomes clear that this company offers all types of academic writing at every level of study, as well as a complete range of business writing. Because these other services are not even mentioned on the home page, it is unlikely that students and business pros would even go further than that to discover what else is offered.

This review is based upon the same factors we use to evaluate all writing service companies, and we look at several sources of information – the website content, ThesisGeek service reviews from former clients, pricing, customer service experiences, and our own experience with going through the process of ordering and receiving a short research paper. What follows is our summary of the quality of products and services.

Writers – Are They EFL?

Writers are the critical components of every writing service. If a company is to serve English-speaking students in English-speaking institutions, then the writers must be English-as-first-language professionals. Se of the text on the home page and in a few other places on the site has wording that is very awkward, indicating an ESL copywriter. Because of this we were anxious to review ThesisGeek customer reviews to determine the quality of writing products and if the writers were truly EFL. We did discover comments and feedback on social media and other review sites that gave some concern – English structural errors, specifically. The paper we received reflected those same types of errors. It is very likely that at least some of the writers are ESL.

Assistance and Help

During the process of ordering our research paper from the company, we attempted to phone Thesis Geek on three occasion. Each of those times we connected with a recorded message and were told to “hold.” Ultimately, the voice returned to say they were unable to process our inquiry at that time. We did manage to live chat with a company rep, but he was not too helpful – it appeared he was reading from a script. Customer service communication could definitely be improved. We were able to communicate with our writer, to check on progress, but the responses were slow. While ThesisGeek testimonials on the site indicate great customer service, we did find this to be the case.

Ordering Process

The order form is detailed and standard for most writing services. It was at this point that we realized all of the other writing products the company offers. Pricing is based upon what is ordered and the deadline urgency, but, overall, Thesis Geek prices are quite high for the industry. They advertise original writing from $29 - $33 per page. A high school 8-page research paper, with a 7-day deadline is $175.00. Our paper, at the college level with the same specifications, was $239.00.

We were unable to find any promo codes for new customers, so this pricing is high for both the industry and for the quality we received.

Secure payments using all major credit cards is in place.

Discounts and Other Perks

Thesis Geek discounts are apparently non-existent. We could not find any listed, and the live chat rep was unable to answer that question when asked. The company advertises EFL writers with Ph.D.’s, meeting deadlines, and customized formatting as perks.

Look From the Outside

Looking at the types of comments and feedback from former customers and our own experience, the ThesisGeek ratings are about average at best. Writing quality is not worthy of the prices being charged, and customer service is not great. Is legit? Yes, it is, but it could use some improvement. We were also not able to find a Thesis Geek BBB membership.


Overall, this writing service needs to improve its website so that customers know what is offered. For the prices it charges, moreover, there should be better writers and much better customer service. We give this company a rating of “Fair.”

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Positive: I entered the university and instantly got overwhelmed with all the writing tasks, which I didn't even know how to write. My group-mate advised me to order from this writing service. The support team provided me with all the necessary information and I easily placed an order. It was a Literature essay, 10 pages. I got it on time and it needed no revisions. The essay was written perfectly. It was interesting and well-structured. I got "A" for it and already placed another order. Very good service!

Negative: none

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Henry commented:

I had ordered a chapter of dissertation from this service and got it delivered yesterday. It's brilliant! Thank you for a great work!

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