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Transparency is very important to us at Custom Writing Review. We want everyone who uses our site or who posts content on our site to know exactly how we protect their personal information and what basic information we collect on all users.

The Information We Collect

  1. Aggregate Information: this type of information is not connected to any personal information of anyone who accesses our site and navigates through its pages. We gather anonymous data on what browsers are used by visitors, which pages visitors access, how long they stay on each of our pages, and so forth. Most websites collect this data because it provides information that can be used to improve visitor experiences.
  2. Cookies: We store information by using “cookies.” Most sites also use these and they are temporary, during the time that a visitor is on our site. When users set up accounts on our site, “persistent” cookies can store login information, to help with an easier process. Anyone can delete cookies, but it may affect their experience on our site.
  3. Personal Information: We do not collect or store personal information unless a user provides it while setting up an account and personal profile on our website. We collect this information so that users may communicate with other users and access other features of our site, as well as receive communications from us.

Content that Users Post/Publish on Our Site

When any user pots content on the Custome Writing Review site, s/he understands that it becomes public. While there are some privacy settings, these are not guaranteed to be fully secure. If privacy settings do not work, or if your account gets hacked, we are not responsible for those events. If you believe you have been hacked, you should notify us right away. We will investigate but, again, we bear no responsibility for the consequences.

You may remove content that you have posted; however, prior to removal, it is likely that that content has been “picked up” by other users, and there is no way for us to remove it from the entire site.

Types of content that are allowed and prohibited are clearly spelled out in our Terms and Conditions Policy. You are legally bound to those Terms and Conditions and it is important that you read and understand them. If you have not read them, you should not access the website. If you believe someone else is violating the policies regarding type of content, you should inform the site administration right away.

New Member Invitations

If you have a friend or colleague that you would like to become a site member, please provide that name and email address so that we ca invite them. We will send an invitation in your name, much as it is done on LinkedIn. Whether your friend joins or not, we do store that email information. Anyone cn have an email address removed by contacting the administration.

Minor Children (Under Age 13)

No one under the age of 13 is allowed to set up an account on our site. If we discover that this rule has been violated, we will immediately delete that account, along with any personal information we have within our system. The exception to this rule is verifiable communication from a parent/guardian giving permission for the account.

Children Ages 13 – 18

Users in this age range are allowed to set up accounts; however, it is a good idea for such individuals to gain permission from their parents, just so parents re aware of the type of site you are accessing.

What We Do With User Information

Users provide their full names and email addresses when they register on the Custom Writing Review website. Your full name will not be known to other users, however, unless you choose to divulge it. Only first names and first letter of last names are public on a profile.

If you provide additional personal information to other users, you are responsible for any consequences that may occur. Custom Writing Review bears no responsibility for those consequences. Users must decide how much information to share with other users and publicly and must then assume all of the risks involved.

The site uses your information for the purpose of sending users emails and other important information that may prove useful. Users may opt out of our email subscription; however, we will continue to send other information to them.

Personal Information We Share with Third Parties

Your profile will indicate areas of interest that you have. Based upon that, we may share just your contact information with third parties who have product or service that match your interests. We will never share any personal information beyond that which you have posted in your profile and already released publicly.

We share personal information with third parties under the following conditions:

  1. We may use a third-party email service, and that service will have your email address.
  2. If you should make a purchase from a third-party that advertises on our site, that third party will then have your personal information
  3. If any representative from a law enforcement entity or court requests your information, we will provide it.
  4. Should ownership of Custom Writing Review change hands, the new owners will have your personal information.

When You Choose to Disclose Your Personal Information to a Third Party

If you should choose to access a third party site from our site and provide personal information to that third party, Custom Writing Review is not responsible for any consequences. We do not support or endorse any product or service that may advertise on our site. You access them and provide your personal information at your own risk. As soon as you access a third-part website, moreover, our Privacy Policy is no longer in effect.

Links to Other Websites on the Custom Writing Review Site

You will find links to other sites. Again, we do not endorse or support the information, products or services contained in those sites you choose to link to. Further, our terms and conditions and privacy policy are not in effect once you leave our website. Proceed with caution. You assume all risk for ay consequences.

How to Change or Remove Personal Information

You may change your personal information whenever necessary. You access the mean to do this right on your account. Some information may remain in our archives after you have removed it, but this is temporary.

If you have shared posts with others, they are public and cannot be rescinded except on your own profile page. Be certain that what you post is carefully thought out, because it may show up I any number of places as others user share that content.

Site Security

We are very careful about security, but systems can be hacked. Your personal information is protected by firewalls and other sophisticated technology. Should a user send emails or other messages, use must understand that they are not secured. Custom Writing Review will not be responsible for consequences to users whose messages or emails be inappropriate or offensive.

User Acceptance

When you decide to use the Custom Writing Review site, you are also legally stating that you have read our Terms and Conditions Agreement and our Privacy Policy, that you understand them, and that you will abide by the regulations and responsibilities contained therein.

Any time we change any policies, publication of such changes shall occur on the website. It is the user’s responsibility to stay informed of such changes.