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Get Academic Help is an online writing service that focuses largely on providing academic writing services to college students. These services range from writing help to first year college students to assisting doctoral candidates with their dissertation writing. All standard academic papers are offered through this service, along with coursework assistance, and other academic writing. In addition to academic writing, this content provider also offers writing services to job seekers through their resume and CV writing services, and to business owners through their copywriting services. The following review will provide information on the quality and value of these services. Disclaimer: To review this service, we placed an order for a 1200 word research paper for a college sophomore on the topic of Nixon Kennedy presidential race.

The Writers

Since it is the writer who matters most when it comes to quality, we will begin Get Academic Help service reviews on the subject of their writers. This writing service hand selected a writer who was a perfect fit for our assignment. She had a masters in Political Science, had worked for multiple local political campaigns, and had written for several political publications. We were able to communicate with her directly. Her academic writing was accurate, insightful, and easy to read. Her email communications were also well written and professional. We assume that English is her first language, as there were no errors that are typically found that would indicate otherwise.

Assistance And Help

In addition to their writing staff, this service also has QA staff, customer service people, and editors. Before placing our order, we spoke with a customer support representative and asked a few questions. They were polite, courteous, and helpful. Because the final document we received was accurate and impeccable in terms of grammar and structure, we have determined that the editorial and QA staff are high performing as well.

The Ordering Process

Order Form: We were able to complete the order form in less than 10 minutes. This included filling out our information, providing a description of the work that we needed, and entering payment information.

Prices: We paid 14.99 cents per page for our research paper with a deadline of 14 days. We found this price to be quite competitive with other writing services, and well worth paying.

Pricing System: Pricing varies based on the following factors: Academic level, length of paper, type of paper, and the length of the deadline. The website has a pricing calculator on the homepage that we found very useful. All Get Academic Help prices seemed very fair to us.

Payment Methods: All standard payment methods were available to us. This includes PayPal, debit or credit card payments, money transfer. The Get Academic Help Discounts that we used were applied to the final price.

Discounts And Other Perks

There are many discounts and special offers available to customers. Before placing our order, we found some promo codes on another website, and used one of those when placing our order. We also received a nice discount for being first time customers. In addition to this, we also learned that there are various discount programs and special offers throughout the year. One includes an offer of a free outline.

Look From The Outside

In order to provide the most accurate reviews, and to answer the question “is legit?” We try to find out what other customers think. First, all GetAcademicHelp customer reviews that we found on and off of the company website were positive. In addition to this, a search for Get Academic Help BBB turned up no consumer complaints or other issues. The Get Academic Help testimonials overall leave us with the impression that this is a well-respected company.


We give GetAcademicHelp ratings that are high in every area. We strongly recommend this website for anybody needing academic writing help or writing services of any kind.

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Positive: I ordered the essay from this writing service and set the deadline in 12 hours. It was really urgent. I totally forgot about the paper and placed the order in the evening. Get Academic Help was my last hope. I easily got in contact with the support manager and he explained me all the details of ordering from them. They found me a writer, who performed a high quality paper for me in less than 12 hours! I'm really impressed by the work of this writing service. They are real experts!

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Linda commented:

First of all, I am very grateful for a good research paper you wrote, second of all, you had a great team in the support department! They are very responsive!

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