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Speedy Paper  is an academic writing service that primarily focuses on high school and college students as its primary customer base. They offer the the usual writing services that includes research papers, lab reports, and more. There are also services offered to job seekers, although it is difficult to discern that until you place an order. In order to prepare for our review, we placed an order for a 1200 word essay for a college sophomore that was due within 14 days. The rest of the review, that is shared below, reflects our experiences and recommendations regarding this writing service. It is our goal to provide the best information possible on this and all other writing services. Please read on for more insight.

The Writers

Let’s be honest. The primary concern of anybody seeking writing services is quality. This quality begins with writing. We regret saying this, but our own experiences with this website along with our reading of other Speedy Paper Service Reviews, simply do not paint a good picture. The final essay that we received had multiple errors, many of which made us suspect that the writer was not a native English speaker. In addition to this, it did not appear as if the writer really understood the subject matter. He was, however very polite and did promptly respond to our emails when we had questions or comments.

Assistance And Help

After we received our final product, we called customer support to ask for revisions due to the poor quality of the product we received. While they were very polite, they made it clear that we would encounter many roadblocks in trying to get a free revision. We also learned that the company also employs editor and QA staff. These folks do not have customer contact, so we did not speak with them directly. Unfortunately, that means that all we have to judge them by is the lack of quality in the final product we received.

The Ordering Process

Order Form: The order form was contained within one page and was very easy to fill out. In fact, this is the area where we believe this writing service really shined. Quick, short, intuitive forms are always a bonus.

Prices: We found the prices to be exceptionally low. They begin at 9.00 per page for high school students with a 14 day deadline and go to 49.00 per page for PhD students with a 6 hour deadline. That pricing range is below standard market rates which gives us cause for alarm on issues of originality and quality.

Pricing System: Pricing is determined by both grade level and urgency. This is common for most writing services.

Payment Methods: There was nothing remarkable or out of line here. They accept all standard forms of payment, and we had no problem placing our order.

Discounts And Other Perks

We were not able to find discounts on the website or through any internet searches. While many writing websites feature multiple discount programs this one does not appear to do so. Even searching for promo codes wasn’t helpful.

Look From The Outside

Let’s start by answering the most important query. Is legit? Unfortunately, there are too many causes for concern to answer that with a yes. We took the time to find out what others had to say by reading SpeedyPaper customer reviews. There wasn’t anything that we found, unfortunately, that countered our experience. There are no Speedy Paper testimonials on the company’s website, so we were unable to find many positive sentiments about the service. On a positive note, there were no complaints found when we looked for Speedy Paper BBB.


We strenuously recommend that people take a pass on this writing service. The SpeedyPaper ratings that we give are significantly low in matters of quality and service.

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recommended this service

Positive: They deliver papers on time

Negative: I ordered a book review from this writing service. First of all, the support was difficult to catch and get in contact with. I sent some guidelines to the writer, cause our professor wanted us to pay attention to specific themes. But he ignored them completely! When I got the paper, I asked to rewrite it, taking into account all the guidelines. But the support said that the writer is busy with another order and can't help me. Then I asked for a refund, but they still haven't make it.

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Orlando commented:

The support is not available most of the time. I couldn't get in contact with them whole day and didn't even place the order because of it.

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