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If you have to submit your dissertation soon, but you have only written a few pages, or less, most probably you feel nervous and panicked just by thinking about it. Fortunately for you, plenty of academic writing companies come with a custom dissertation writing service, so that you can forget about your thesis nightmare. However, it may be difficult to choose from the broad range of similar companies, but you surely don’t want to end up paying a lot of money for mediocre custom dissertation writing help.

What are the features you should look for?

Let’s say you have decided to go with custom dissertation services. What are the aspects you should pay particular attention to? First and foremost, you should check if the company offers essential features of this kind of services. Generally, all academic writing companies should provide:

  • Professional Writers
  • Original, Plagiarism-Free Content
  • Timely Delivery
  • Confidentiality

It is essential for your dissertation to be written by someone who has a vast experience in completing this type of tasks. A company is usually liable for delivering content which is not original, but you have to read the terms to find this out. Also, they are not always responsible for late deliveries, as you need to respect some requirements. You undoubtedly want confidentiality, because it would be a shame if your professor would find out, one way or another, that your thesis is created by a professional writer, not by you.

Other common features of custom dissertation writing services that may contribute considerably to the quality of your paper are:

  • Native English Writers
  • Ph.D. and Master’s Graduate Writers
  • Thorough Research
  • Free Plagiarism Report

Even though, at a first glance, you may consider that a custom writing company which hires only native English speakers is racist, the truth is that this way, you will benefit from high-quality services. When it comes to syntax, use of technical terms, sentence structure, and similar aspects, it is much easier for a native speaker to be cursive and natural.

Moreover, you want your dissertation to be written by an expert, someone who has both the necessary writing skills and the necessary knowledge, so make sure that the company has at least an expert in your subject.

Another useful feature is the free plagiarism report delivered by some of the companies that offer custom dissertation writing services. This way, you know exactly that your thesis has been checked.

Why do the prices vary widely?

If you have friends that also went with an online dissertation writing service, you may be surprised to find out that the payment they made for their thesis varies hugely. In this case, you may wonder why is this happening and if the highest price stands for the highest quality.

Generally speaking, quality services cost more; this is perfectly reasonable. On the other hand, this is not the only factor affecting the price of a thesis. The deadline you set is often much more relevant for this aspect. For example, if you set a time frame of one week for 80 pages, you can be sure that this will cost you much more than the same dissertation, written in one month.