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My Paper Writer is a content provider that provides writing services mostly to college students. However, they do provide some business related writing services. As with most other academic writing services, they offer writing to students from high school to PHD candidates. The website appears to offer many, but not all, standard academic paper types. In order to prepare for our review, we placed an order for a 1200 word essay for a college freshman that was due within 14 days. We have written the review that follows to provide information to potential customers of this website.  Our hope is to help our readers make the best selection possible when hiring a company to provide writing services for them. If you are considering this company, we strongly encourage you to keep reading.

The Writers

The first question on the mind of any student seeking writing assistance is whether or not they will receive a paper that will earn a good grade. This is why we focus, first and foremost, on the writers when writing and research other My Paper Writer service reviews. One thing that must be addressed is the importance of finding a writer who either speaks and writes English as their first language or who has mastered the language well enough that any issues are not noticeable. While our writer was very courteous and he wrote some insightful things, there were many errors in sentence structure and use of articles. Because of this, we believe that this website does use writers who do not fully grasp the English language.

Assistance And Help

Before we placed our order, we contacted customer support by phone to ask a few questions. They were extremely polite and seemed eager to help. Unfortunately, there were a few language barrier issues. We had no direct contact with QA or editing staff. However, considering the errors that were in the final document that we purchased, editing and quality assurance both seem to be lacking.

The Ordering Process

Order Form: It was not difficult to fill out the order form. However, it did bother us that we were required to give an email address before being able to continue with our order. We worried that this information might be used for spam purposes even if we decided not to become customers.

Prices: Prices are significantly higher than going market rates. The lowest price was 17.55 per page and the highest was more than 47 per page. We paid 21.49 per page for our order.

Pricing System: Prices vary according to length of deadline, number of pages, and academic level. This is fairly standard for this type of website.

Payment Methods: Standard payment methods are available including PayPal, Money Transfer, and credit or debit card. We encountered no issues making payment.

Discounts And Other Perks

We were unable to locate any discounts or special offers made available to consumers. Our efforts included doing an online search for promo codes. To our disappointment, none seemed to be available to us. If these are available, they are not well advertised on or off of the writing service’s website.

Look From The Outside

One of the best ways to answer the question, “is legit?” is to find out what previous customers have to say. This begins by taking a look at MyPaperWriter customer reviews. We do this by reading customer testimonials on the website and for reviews on other websites. As expected, the testimonials provided on the website itself were completely positive. On the other hand, external reviews were mixed. In contrast with the on site My Paper Writer testimonials, reviewers on neutral sites found the same issues that we did regarding prices and writing quality. It should be noted that we found no issues when we searched for My Paper Writer BBB.


Unfortunately, we cannot give MyPaperWriter ratings that are very high in any area. Please proceed with caution before using this service.

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Positive: They reply fast and do not disappear after you pay.

Negative: However, negative sides to this company outweigh by far the positive sides of it apers come in low quality with a significant amount of mistakes and issues to them.

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Gil commented:

I used this site for preparing drafts for me, but lately I was not even able to use their papers. They've probably changed their writers, but the essay are useless now.

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